Brief Introduction of Sing-an Elementary School

Singan, originally a branch of Syuansin (宣信) elementary school, was erected in 1985 to facilitate the students in Singren Li(興仁里) and Anliao Li(安寮里) who were very bothered by the long distance of commuting between their home and the available schools Syuansin and Jhhang(志航). In 1988 when the number of classes was up to the standard of transforming to an independent school, the branch school was formally renamed as "Sing-an Elementary School" by mayor Jhang Bo-Ia (張博雅). Mr. Jhang Gan-Jheng (張剛正) was nominated the first principal in Singan history. A total of 507 students in 12 classes were registered. In those early days, Principal Jhang had to deal with the problems of starting a school. One urgent situation is the shortage of school land.  With diligence and perseverance, he tried negotiating with local parties, and finally procured the land of 21604 hectares in total in 1987, which promised the building of the 2 schoolhouses in 1989 and 1990. He really put forth the spirits of starting from the scratch.

In 1992, Ms. Jhong Cian-Huei (鐘千惠) was nominated the second principal. Extending the spirits of the former principal, Principal Jhong succeeded in receiving from the Ministry of Education the subvention to build the Jh-Shan Building (至善樓), in which the space design is focused on the function of classrooms. Except for the need for general classrooms, functional classrooms are especially considered, such as the performance hall, the audio-visual classroom, the computer classrooms, the gymnasium, the library, the kitchen, and also the basement parking area.

In 1997, Ms. Lin Shu-Mei (林淑美) succeeded to the position of the third principle in Sing-an. She was very much attentive to the issue of environmental protection and made efforts on promoting the gardening and greening of the campus. Her contribution had not only brought Sing-an a delicate view so as to effect the function of both education and amusement, but also earned the honor of the best top ten schools in Taiwan in terms of environmental protection.

In 2001, Mr. Jha Sian-Liang (查顯良) took over the position of the fourth principal and stepped into the former principals' shoes to manage the best welfare for Sing-an. He set his mind on promoting school features and gave it his best shot. One example was his achievement on environmental protection. Continuously proceeding the ongoing programs such as garbage classification, material recycling and manure reproduction from food remains recycling, Principal Jha after succeeding in applying the subvention from the Ministry of Education, set up a rain-recycling pool on one spot of the school garden. Under his administration, the Ministry of Education had crowned Sing-an the honor of Green School twice in 2001 and 2002.  Aside from the work of environmental protection, programs such as the computer integrated education and folk-sports education have also been strongly devoted in recent years.  In 2002, Sing-an was honored to participate in the national-wild program of leading schools on computer education. In 2003, the in-school workshop and interschool contests on folk sports in Chiayi City were mainly conducted by Sing-an.

Until 2003, Sing-an Elementary School has grown up to own a capacity of 41 classes with 2 classes of special education. The need for another educational building in Sing-an is getting desperate. The program in process for Principal Jha is set on applying 3 patches of neighboring public land for the use of school land, on which is the hope to build a new building soon.